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one tree, many branches

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He/him. ENFP. Artist. Writer. Leo. Gaga fanatic.

My life's passions are travel and entertainment. My brother and I grew up watching MGM movies with Judy Garland in my grandfather's smoke-filled den, loved going to see shows, and put on plays in my living room with cardboard sets our loving parents made.

My folks were always supportive in attending all my extracurricular activities, most of which shaped who I am. I essentially designed my own entertainment major at Temple University, taking a "sample platter" of classes under the umbrella of a Communications degree, and harnessing the school's resources to follow various passions. By the time I graduated, I had donned the hats of photo-journalist for the Temple News, writer-director for Temple Film Collective, co-founder, president and outreach director of Insomnia Theater, blogger for Temple Rome's study abroad program, actor for Temple Theaters and Temple Smash, singer in Temple Gospel Ministries, show producer for the Philly Fringe Festival, tutor and publicity coordinator for Grandma's Kids after school program, and development intern under Lionsgate's Mandate Pictures in Los Angeles.


My Intern Coordinator at Mandate had a difficult time advising me where to place my energy moving forward in an entertainment career. Acting? Casting? Production? Directing? Development? This dismayed me at the time, but thinking back, I'm happy neither of us really figured it out. Upon graduating from Temple, I applied to all sorts of jobs, but Disney Cruise Line is where I landed. My dear friend Greg Triggs, who directed me in interactive shows on board, told me I was a "chameleon," able to change myself quickly and adapt to any environment. I've been doing that ever since. 

One Tree, Many Branches


Amidst COVID-19, I took a great online class with Billy Bustamante of Jen Waldman Studios, who called himself a "theater artist," rather than solely an actor or director. He inspired me, reminding me of my college roots, where I felt like I could do anything. I loved writing, I loved the entertainment industry. I didn't know where I'd end up, and I didn't care.

I'm an entertainment artist. I've always been fascinated by the idea of polymaths like Da Vinci. I asked my best friend how I could explain the concept of a "Renaissance Man" more eloquently, concisely, and humbly. He said "you're a tree." Perfect. I'm the kind of person with deep roots, well-grounded, with a solid foundation, who likes to stretch his branches far and wide. Most importantly, I'm constantly growing.


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