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"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity."  -Sun Tzu


I strive to elevate untold stories in mainstream media, especially those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Traveler and Storyteller - My life's passions are entertainment and travel. My brother and I grew up watching MGM movies with Judy Garland in my grandfather's smoke-filled den, loved going to see shows, and put on plays in my living room with cardboard sets our loving parents made. I've been fortunate to travel to 34 countries, but there are many more to go. I want to harness the world around me and channel it into storytelling, be that from an administrative or creative standpoint.

Apprentice - It is vital to me that BIPOC and LBGTQ+ voices are heard in this industry, especially where children are concerned. I consider myself an Apprentice; one on a journey to allyship for Black and Brown individuals. Familiar as I am with content being produced by them, I feel I have not yet earned the title of Ally. For more on this, visit the Projects page.

Multi-Hyphenate - I've always been fascinated by the accomplishments of polymaths like JJ Abrams, Beyonce, George Lucas, and Da Vinci. I approach this industry from a multi-faceted standpoint through administration, writing, direction, and production. I'm a vessel for storytelling, no matter what the medium.

Balanced Creative - I take joy in balancing the two sides of my brain. I'm organized, analytical, manage large groups, coordinate with multiple parties, and use spreadsheets so much that they're therapeutic. At the same time, I've always been a star-gazer and a go-getter; someone who looks at the world wide-eyed, constantly seeking inspiration with which to create. 

Community Builder - I'm always the one planning the party, the happy hour, the scavenger hunt, or the team-building activity. I've been told by colleagues and friends that upon departure from an organization, I leave a lasting community in my wake, which is one of the most humbling compliments I've heard.

ENFP - Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. I'm on the cusp of an ENFJ. I love working with others, I stand firmly for what is right, and lead with empathy in everything I do.

Gay and Proud - I am unapologetically proud of who I am, but being gay is not what defines me. I believe queer actors should play queer roles. I acknowledge my privilege as a cis white man in an industry that has been run by them, and believe we MUST make room for all at the table, especially Black, Brown, Trans and Non-Binary individuals.

Self-Starter- My folks supported all my extracurricular activities growing up, most of which shaped who I am. I essentially designed my own entertainment major at Temple University, taking a "sample platter" of classes under the umbrella of a Communications degree, and harnessing the school's resources to follow various passions. If the opportunity isn't in existence, I work to place it there.

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Currently Based: Atlanta, GA

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