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In the wake of the George Floyd reckoning, my friend Donovan and I launched a podcast dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equal representation in the entertainment industry. By spotlighting underrepresented artists and by examining, or "black lighting", the industry's power structures, we hope to champion the diverse experiences of these contemporary industry professionals. Listen now on Spotify

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Playwright & Co-Producer

A fictional play that explores a man's mission in the after life while his family unpacks life without him on earth. Inspired by the passing of my late father, it explores LGBT+ themes, loss, and faith. Directed by Jennie Eisenhower, Philly director and descendant of presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.



Program Manager

Passage Theatre Company's "Motown Meets Trenton" was one of the most rewarding projects I've partaken in. It was a summer training program for high school students in Trenton that provided them the tools to create a revue while learning about the importance of Motown. It is vital to me that Black and Brown students see themselves reflected in the entertainment industry, and I learned so much from watching them grow in this program. Passage's mission to create "theatre for social change" has inspired me greatly, and has paved the way for artists in the New Jersey and Philadelphia communities.


Other Roles in Entertainment

Walt Disney Company - Casting Assistant

Marvel Studios - Physical Assets Assistant

America's Got Talent - Production Coordinator

Discovery+ / Food Network - Production Assistant

Allied Global Marketing - Brand Ambassador

Prather Entertainment Group - Assistant Stage Manager, Spot - Op

Disney Cruise Line - Entertainment Host / Crew Activities Team

ReNew Productions - Dramaturg / Sales Assistant

Temple University - Lecture Guest Speaker

Philadelphia Fringe Festival - Producer

Mainstreet Musicals - Marketing Coordinator

REC Philly - Social Media Coordination

Lionsgate / Mandate Pictures - Development Intern

Insomnia Theatre - Director/Writer



President, Co-Founder, Community Engagement Director

Created a student organization on Temple University's campus. Implemented strategies for extended growth over time. Managed company of 50+ to create a series of live performances in a 24 hour period. Pieces were conceived on Friday night, written overnight, rehearsed, and designed on Saturday, and performed with a live audience on Saturday night. Created outreach program to partner with North Philly public schools and provide students an after-school drama program. 


Directing / Writing

North - Film examining North Philly gentrification through fictional lens of Romeo & Juliet. Diamond Screen nominee.

Playing with Fire Under my Skin for God's Sake - Short film examining white supremacy and prejudice when an Italian student brings her Muslim boyfriend home for dinner. Diamond Screen Winner: Best Screenplay

Long Live the Pawn - Short play  about status where each of the characters are a Chess piece come to life


Current - Writing a novel regarding a forbidden love story set in the 19th Century


Event Coordination

Led planning committee to coordinate annual holiday celebration for 1,000+ crew members on board. Planned and led various team-building nights for department of 70+ . Worked alongside Crew Activites Manager to create multiple theme nights in crew bar for international colleagues. On-boarded the fleet's first Marvel program with key company executives. Certified Disney Trainer and Employee of the Month.


Podcast Co-founder, Co-Host, Editor

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